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Key Account Manager
Assistant to R&D Director
Formula Engineer
Key Account Manager

1. Based on the company's marketing direction/strategy, develop marketing plans and lead follow-up implementation, regularly report progress;

2. Responsible for formulating marketing strategies for major clients, allocating resources reasonably, executing, supervising, and promoting projects;

3. Timely and effectively follow up on customer needs, clarify the follow-up direction of key customers, and organize activities that are beneficial to sales;

4. Actively expand network, explore leading enterprises in the industry, do a good job in public relations, and maintain good customer relationships;

5. Collect market information, provide feedback on competitor market activities and their impact;

6. Pay attention to market trends, actively organize online and offline product promotion activities according to company requirements, and accurately convey product information;

7. Scientifically manage customers and fully tap into their potential.


1. Graduated from a major in Fine Chemical/Marketing or related fields, with a bachelor's degree or above; English proficiency level at CET-4 or above, familiar with business processes;

2. Have a background in working as a raw material supplier for multinational companies in the daily chemical industry, or having relevant experience serving as a major brand manufacturer for multinational companies in daily chemical industry, with relevant customer resources and relationships;

3. Have excellent communication and coordination skills, strong ability to withstand pressure;

4. Have Outgoing personality, proactive and hardworking, with a team spirit and strong market awareness;

5. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing, able to operate office software proficiently.

Assistant to R&D Director

1. Assist the R&D director in formulating the company's annual new product development plan and old product improvement plan.

2. Regularly follow up on the implementation progress of new product development and old product improvement projects, and report to the R&D director on a monthly basis.

3. Regularly organize project initiation and review meetings.

4. Follow up on the progress of patents, new products, new technologies, and other aspects of major competitors.

5. Assist the R&D director in carrying out related work such as technology introduction.

6. Follow the development trends of the industry.

7. Assist finance in regularly completing the evaluation of high-tech enterprises.

8. Assist leaders in providing training on patent writing.


1. Master's degree in chemical engineering related majors such as polymer chemistry and organic chemistry, accepting outstanding fresh graduates.

2. Priority will be given to those with relevant work experience as described in their job responsibilities.

3. Priority given to those with experience in the cosmetics raw material industry.

4. Good at communication, proactive in work, diligent and meticulous in work, with a good team spirit and good character.

5. Familiar with industry rules, with innovative spirit and forward-looking vision.

6. Proficient in using computers and professional office software.

7. Proficient in reading professional English materials through the English proficiency test (CET-6).

8. Possess good logical thinking ability, as well as excellent written and oral expression skills.

Formula Engineer

1. Capable of independently developing personal care related products, familiar with the development process,

 familiar with the market dynamics and development trends of new raw materials, technologies, and products in the domestic and foreign cosmetics industry, as well as laws and regulations.

2. Responsible for new product development according to the development plan, optimizing the quality of old

 products, continuously improving product performance, conducting safety evaluations of the raw material 

section of the product, designing product formulas, evaluating overall safety and efficacy, and regularly 

conducting competitor sampling analysis and comparison work.

3. Track and improve all operational experiments of newly developed products in a timely manner, combine

 market demand, initiate new product projects, select and replace raw materials, and innovate technology, 

while reserving new product formulas.

4. Timely complete technical data updates, including organizing new and old materials.


1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in Fine Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology, Cosmetic R&D, etc., with more than 5 years of experience in formula R&D.

2. Familiar with cosmetic formulas and have a deep understanding on the characteristics of major skincare ingredients.

3. Good language expression and communication skills, with a strong sense of work responsibility, teamwork spirit, and rigorous work attitude.


1. Laboratory label management;

2. Assist superiors in completing relevant small-scale synthesis experiments, then keep records and organize 

related work;

3. Summarize and analyze experimental data, and organize experimental reports. Report any abnormal 

situations in a timely manner;

4. Responsible for testing the routine indicators of laboratory trial products;

5. Perform routine board making based on the standard book prepared in accordance with the product formula;

6. Maintain experimental instruments and use them safely, keeping the operating table clean and tidy.


1. Major in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, with a bachelor's degree or above;

2. Proficient in operating computer office software; CET-4 or above, proficient in reading professional literature;

3. Work experience in laboratory or analytical laboratory is preferred;

4. Good logical analysis ability, learning ability, good language expression and communication skills.